Epayre utilizes the RTP Network

Epayre’s systems will utilize the RTP® network from The Clearing House.  The RTP® network is a real-time payments platform that all federally insured U.S. depository institutions are using for payments innovation.  The RTP will allow you seamless integration on desktop, laptop, or mobile device, with no detectable difference in your payment process.

The RTP network works in the background, underpinning Epayre’s systems to enhance every user experience.

Real Time Payments via Epayre


The RTP network is live and operates 24/7, which allows users including brokers, agents, title companies and financial institutions to send and receive payments at any time.

Payment Certainty

Financial institutions (FI) are not able to revoke or recall a payment once it has been authorized and submitted to the RTP network. However, there is a process to facilitate FI-to-FI communication around return of funds sent in error.

Cash Flow Control

The ability to send and receive immediate payments gives customers more control over cash flow, which may be particularly important for cash-constrained small businesses and consumers.

Immediate Availability

Recipients receive the payment within seconds of the sending bank initiating the transaction.


Rich, flexible messaging functionality is included to support value-added products. For example, the RTP network provides messaging that enables us to include information about the real estate transaction.


The RTP network has a flexible architecture to adapt to changing market needs.

Coming Soon!

We are focused on preparing something amazing and exciting for all those a part of the real estate world. We also have a special surprise for all those who subscribe before we launch.